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Poverty can be defined as a state where the basic needsof people necessary for their survival, like food, clothing,and housing, remain unfulfilled.


Today mankind reached such a pitiable stage, that we must save our environment to save ourselves

Swachch Bharat

We cannot defeat the bigger problems of the devloping world, until we've won the battle of keeping our localities clean

Education & skill developement

All the malaise that India is riddled with, be it over-population or poverty can be solved by providing the right education and skill-sets


India is at a crucial stage of development, facing lot many problems which are hampering its progress towards being a first world nation. The people have long being waiting for the moment of truth! The need of the hour is an organization which yields to this cause.

Here, at, an organization solely aimed at the betterment of the Indian nation as a whole, the truth seems only nearer!

Through organizing campaigns and movements, and with the help of several volunteers of ours, we start at the very grass-root level, dealing with problems like education, cleanliness, poverty, etc.

Such an idea of collective campaigning is unprecedented.

We stand out from the rest of the crowd as our organization will work towards all aspects -of what ails India?

We know that you yearn to see a better India. Join us in our campaign! Become a volunteer today, and proudly contribute your part in making the long awaited dream come true!

Management Team

Yash Kumar

Managing Director

Yash always believes in going against the grain. He abhors, the very idea of, being practical and not taking risks in life.

Mridul Pathak

Chief Executive

Mridul is an aspiring, hardworking, and intelligent person showcasing his personality apt for the Chief Executive.

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